Frequently Asked Questions

How does the advice of Car-Matchers pay for itself?

Several factors make it possible for the fee we ask to pay for itself. Firstly, our personalised cost comparison gives you a clear view on all possibilities (plug-in hybrid, diesel, petrol, but also model A versus model B, etcetera). You avoid making the wrong choice and the comparison shows you straight away which model is the most advantageous – based on your personal usage. We also look at costs you can save and at ways to optimise your taxes, e.g. by going for financial renting with a higher first rent. Finally, we can offer the additional service of requesting quotes and negotiating in your name. A win-win on all accounts!

How much does the advice of Car-Matchers cost?

It depends on the formula you choose. The base price of €245 excluding VAT includes two consultancy sessions leading to a selection of 3 vehicles that are compared in detail in terms of costs. You also get an overview of the main pros and cons of the models.

Why wouldn’t I simply ask my accountant or social secretariat for advice?

There’s no doubt your accountant gives you valuable advice but he hasn’t acquired the years of expertise and know-how that Car-Matchers has acquired since 2000. Similarly, he doesn’t have access to the calculation tools to get a picture on the full costs (deductibility, fuel spend, maintenance, tyres, insurance, residual value, …). Licences for these professional TCO tools have hefty price tags, usually limiting their use to large companies with many dozens or even hundreds of vehicles in their fleets. Good news: Car-Matchers has access to these professional calculation tools and can therefore make an accurate calculation of the real costs. What’s more: we make this calculation based on your personalised usage profile. It doesn’t get more precise or more realistic!

Can private individuals also benefit from the services of Car-Matchers?

Absolutely. The fiscal aspect is far less complex for private individuals than for small businesses, so we can offer you a simplified consultancy formula based on your needs. We can also look for the best cars on the market for you, both for new and for recent used cars. Get in touch with us without any obligation for more information.

Are you independent?

Totally. We have no commercial ties to dealers, carmakers, leasing companies, banks or importers. What counts for us, is that you find the right car that fits your financial and practical profile 100%.

Do you buy cars yourselves?

No. If so desired, we can ask quotes for various vehicles and we can negotiate for a client, but the actual purchase is always done by the client themselves. That’s one way to guarantee our independence.


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