How do we work

To give you concrete advice in terms of engine type, make and model we complete the following easy and transparent steps:

  1. Intake interview We listen to your story, your questions, your wishes and your goals.
  2.  Usage profiling We map your situation based on a detailed questionnaire.
  3. Cost simulation Based on your personal profile, we make a detailed comparison of all possible scenarios. We consider all costs: depreciation, interest, residual value, vehicle registration tax, vehicle tax, tax deductibility, maintenance, tyres, BIK and CO2 contribution (if applicable).
  4. Financing advice Outright purchase, financing, renting, leasing: we discuss the pros and cons and give you personalised advice.
  5. Model selection and comparison Together, we select 3 models that correspond to your profile which we compare in detail for all financial aspects. Per model, you also get a full list of all pros and cons.

We go through this process in two sessions which can be held online or face-to-face. Obviously, you get ample opportunity to ask all your questions during these sessions.

Additionally, you may ask for our assistance for the following:

  • Requesting quotes for the selected vehicle models from car dealers
  • Leading negotiations with the dealer for the chosen vehicle
  • Requesting and comparing insurance quotes
  • Consultancy when selecting and buying recent used cars
  • Consultancy and advice when buying charging infrastructure for electric and plug-in hybrid cars

Tailormade consultancy

Are you looking for an analysis that goes above and beyond or are you looking for answers to specific questions? Get in touch with us without any obligation and tell us what we can do for you.


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